Why is our Coriolis flowmeter called “mini”? – From the Precision Fluid Controls Blog

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One of our strengths in the liquid flow product line portfolio is the Coriolis flowmeter. Our Coriolis flowmeter series was introduced in 2007 and has since been hugely successful for both industrial gas and liquid flow measurement and laboratory applications. Upon their introduction, the Coriolis instruments received the name of ‘mini CORI-FLOW’. This name was chosen for two reasons: it was a small flow meter and measured and controlled low flow rates, using the Coriolis principle. To say that something is “small” or handles “low flow” is as subjective as the answer to “How long is a piece of string?”. So let’s take a more objective look at why the CORI-FLOW mini is truly mini:

Flow meters: size matters

The mini CORI-FLOW flow meters M12, M13 and M14 models are only 144 mm high, 32 mm deep and (for a controller with integrated valve included) only 146 mm from one end to the other. To put this into perspective, the Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone is 151.7mm (5.97in) tall.


CORI-FLOW Coriolis mini mass flowmeter, principle of operation

A fully functional ‘mini CORI-FLOW’ flow controller, a complete control loop consisting of measurement sensor, PID control and control valve, fits in your hand more or less like a latest generation smartphone! There is no other complete Coriolis-based control loop in the world that is as compact as the CORI-FLOW mini mass flow meter …


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