Why does your process now need better manifolds? – From the Emerson Automation Expert Blog

Article written by Brandon Haschke on 09/28/2021 – Read the Original Article


Obtain consistently accurate pressure readings; rely on preventing damage to the pressure transmitter

In the current economy, you are likely looking for new ways to achieve better process results. The problem is that yesterday’s “best” may not meet today’s rising standards for many chemical, oil, gas, and food and beverage applications. These days, the margins for error are shrinking as production demand rises just when human resources are hard to attract and retain. It seems that we are all doing more with less and in the meantime we have to make difficult and critical decisions.

Add to that the potential problem with traditional manifolds that can cause the process to stop – literally. Reliability and responsibility are always key. If your process includes viscous fluids or fluids containing gritty or abrasive materials, you are likely familiar with what happens when these materials connect existing manifolds. The risks of damaging sensitive transmitters and, above all, personnel safety problems increase exponentially. The results will be costly: waste of production time, product, equipment and more …


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