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Flow meter for welding applications: advantages and importance

In a previous blog, we explained how superior welds were achieved in the assembly process of Bronkhorst hygienic flow meters, making them suitable for food and healthcare applications. In this blog, I want to highlight a completely different point of view compared to welding: how can you apply gas flow meters and pressure regulators, optimizing your welding process?

Role of gas flow meters in welding processes

As a welding specialist at Bronkhorst, I can say that this is a very challenging application for our flow tools. Not only orbital welding, but all automatic and mechanized welding processes that require shielding gases, such as plasma welding, laser beam welding, MIG, etc., can benefit from our flow meters.

Most of these welding processes use gas to protect welds from oxidation and to ignite and keep arc welding in operation. Welding equipment manufacturers can take advantage of some of the features of our flow meters. Accurate control of the flow and pressure of the shielding and support gases used during your welding process will ensure a constant and stable weld, thus improving the quality of the same…


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