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Article written by Felix Johansson on 06/04/2022 – Read original article


In the food and beverage industry, the ability to accurately and reliably measure the level of materials in storage tanks and process vessels is essential, as it helps to reduce product loss and maximize production capability. Manufacturers also need to consider vital criteria, such as compliance with the industry’s stringent hygiene and food safety standards and compatibility with the process conditions and tank layout for the different applications.



Level measurement in mixing tanks

Level measurement in mixing tanks

Application: Stirring and mixing tanks with agitators

Challenges: Agitators, turbulence, foam, CIP/SIP processes

Solution: Rosemount 1408H Non-contacting Level Transmitter

  • The Rosemount 1408H provides accurate level measurement and is not affected by changing density, temperature, or pressure. Process conditions such as foam do not pose a challenge, but for specific applications with dense foam, please consult the factory.
  • With Fast Sweep Technology and smart algorithms, the Rosemount 1408H can easily handle agitator and turbulent surfaces…


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