Solving Level Measurement Challenges in Tough Process Conditions in the Chemical Industry – From the Emerson Automation Expert Blog

Article written by Varshneya Sridharan on 01/06/2021 – Read the Original Article


According to OSHA, the chemical industry has one of the most stringent safety regulations. Regular inspections, servicing, and maintenance work are required due to the intense stress that is often placed on the equipment due to exposure to very aggressive substances and extremely high temperatures and pressures. Depending on the size and type of plants and operations concerned, maintenance often involves a complete shutdown, however, maintenance and servicing operations in localized production area are common.

More and more frequently, chemical plants are adapting new recommendations and incorporating newer processes to meet the highest safety guidelines prescribed across industries. Faced with many harsh conditions at a typical site, companies are turning to automation and upgrading their activities to simplify manual operations with more sophisticated equipment, driving greater production efficiency and safety management practices.

A pharmaceutical company in Nantong, Jiangsu, China, is an example of one such chemical plant. The company is an end-to-end Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) company, engaged in research and development, production, and the sale of pesticides, pharmaceutical APIs, and other intermediates…


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