Mechanical diaphragm pumps Exacta Model D series – Seko

  • Operating principle: principle of the eccentric rotor with a spring return to control the stroke variation and, therefore, the dosage of the pumped fluid. The principle is believed to be reliable, proven and simple to maintain
  • Diaphragm metering pumps are mainly used with limited pressures within 10 bar. The diaphragm used in the pumps is designed to obtain the maximum volumetric capacity with varying pressures. The result offers optimal capacity and an extended life span of the membrane itself
  • A single model with different stroke lengths and diaphragm diameters covers a maximum flow rate of 460 l / h
  • Head: SS 316 L or PVC
  • Flow regulation: by manual, electric 4-20 mA or pneumatic 3-15 psig servomotor
  • The PTFE membrane guarantees a dosing accuracy of +/- 2% in the range 20-100
  • Max temperature dosage for all versions of pump heads: 45 ° C
  • Flow regulation – all pumps can be equipped with an electric actuator for 4-20 mA signals
  • Suction height max .: 1,5 mt
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