Barstok and for pipe Thermowell – Te.Ma.

  • Connection to the instrument: standard female threaded and axial to the internal hole (other connections are available on request)
  • Hole: inside the well cylindrical standard diameters: ¼ “, 3/8” (other diameters are available on request)
  • Extension: standard 3 “, 2” when the well immersion is 2-½ “(other dimensions are available on request)
  • Process connection: standard threaded connections: ½ ”, ¾” or 1 ”Gas or NPT. Standard flanged connections: 1 “, 1 ½”, 2 “with ratings from 150 to 900 lbs UNI or ANSI. Standard weld connections are for ¾ “and 1” pipes (other connections are available on request)
  • Material: AISI316 standard

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