5300 Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter – Rosemount ™

  • Accuracy: ± 3 mm (0.12 in.)
  • Repeatability: ± 1 mm (0.04 in.)
  • Measuring range: up to 50m (164ft)
  • Operating pressure: absolute vacuum to 345 bar (absolute vacuum to 5,000 psi)
  • Operating temperature: -196 to 400 ° C (-320 to 752 ° F)
  • Communication protocol: 4-20 mA / HART®, Foundation ™ Fieldbus, Modbus®
  • Safety: SIL2 IEC 61508 certified – TÜV tested and WHG certified for overfill prevention
  • Advanced diagnostics, enabling proactive maintenance
  • Probe Types: Single rigid wire, segmented single wire, flexible single wire, rigid double wire, flexible double wire, coaxial, PFTE coated probes, vapor probe

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