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Not all industrial processes require steam at high temperatures only. When steam with different energy characteristics is required, the most convenient way to obtain it is to cool the superheated steam, that is, to desuperheat it. For this purpose desuperheaters are used, available in various types suitable to satisfy the most diverse needs. Very competitive is the new series of Spirax Sarco DA variable area desuperheaters: let’s see how these products work, what are their main characteristics, what advantages they offer and for which applications they are particularly suitable.


Why desuperheat the steam?

Generally in plants, the process steam is superheated, i.e. heated to a temperature higher than the saturation temperature. Think of energy production plants with equipment driven by turbines in counter-pressure: superheated steam is used as the vector fluid because it has less friction and offers the turbines a greater enthalpy jump and better mechanical efficiency. However, in some processes the supply with superheated steam is disadvantageous: the heat transfer coefficient, when superheated steam is used as a heating medium, is low, variable and difficult to quantify precisely; moreover, the high temperatures of the superheated steam can damage the most delicate equipment and often require a higher rating of the mechanical components of the system and therefore more expensive equipment.

Since it is not convenient to withdraw steam before it overheats nor, even less, to install two or more boilers at different pressures and temperatures, the most reasonable solution is to cool the superheated steam, or to desuperheat it

by using desuperheaters.




The new variable area desuperheaters DA series

Since the first introduction on the market of variable area desuperheaters in 1997, Spirax Sarco has continuously improved the performance of these products by coming to offer the DA series ….


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