Hygienic Pressure Measurement for Pharmaceutical and Bioprocess Applications – From Emerson Automation Expert Blog

Article written by Jim Cahill on 13/05/2022 – Read original article

The tolerance for pharmaceutical manufacturing and bioprocessing variations is relatively small to meet the quality requirements of finished drugs and therapies. In an article on process instrumentation, Emerson’s Brandon Haschke shares how “Advanced hygienic pressure transmitters can reduce downtime and operating costs through long-term stability that requires fewer calibrations.” Brandon opens by explaining how:

“Pressure measurement is critical for batch processing of sterile and accurate materials such as vaccines, basic chemicals or specialized cell tissues. Pressure transmitters perform the essential function of tracking pressure within these closed process systems. Any errors or deviations from the established standard could mean that a batch must be discarded because it will most likely not meet stringent government regulations. “

And he continues talking about the cleaning processes that:

“They expose the transmitter to high pressures and temperatures that can cause errors in the transmitter data. If the transmitter drift is significant enough, which it likely is, it will cause inconsistencies in the batch.

To address this challenge, a new device was recently introduced to the market, an advanced hygienic pressure measuring device, capable of withstanding many cleaning and sterilization cycles. The Device: The Rosemount 3051HT Hygienic Pressure Transmitter …

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