How the Rosemount 8800 MultiVariable Vortex Flow Meter Integrates Pressure Measurement – From the Emerson Automation Expert Blog

Article written by Cheng Vue on 06/24/2021 – Read the Original Article


In introducing our Rosemount™ 8800 Series Vortex flow meters, we’ve talked about how this technology is uniquely suited for superheated steam applications, delivering better control in these challenging environments than anything else on the market today. More specifically, we designed our 8800 MultiVariable Vortex flow meter to pair with an independent pressure transmitter to provide the ultimate multivariable vortex solution. By utilizing an integrated temperature sensor and connecting the 8800 MultiVariable meter to a HART® pressure transmitter, such as a Rosemount 3051S In-Line Pressure transmitter, the assembly offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability for pressure compensated mass flow in saturated steam applications and pressure and temperature compensated mass flow in superheated steam applications.

How Does the Pressure Transmitter Communicate with the 8800 MultiVariable Flow Meter?

The 8800 MultiVariable utilizes a simple mechanism in the HART® protocol called Catch Device Variable to retrieve a digital HART® protocol signal from a HART pressure device that is on the same HART® network.

The 8800 MultiVariable retrieves a pressure value from the pressure transmitter every one to three seconds, depending on other HART® communication protocol traffic. Then, the 8800 MultiVariable calculates compensated mass flow measurement. HART® information is available from both the flow meter and pressure transmitter devices even while the 8800 MultiVariable is utilizing Catch Device Variable…


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